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Whether through coaching or coach training, CMI wants to help you build the bridge to your future!


BRIDGES - Coaching for Individuals

Are you ready for real growth and change?

Do you long for real transformational growth? Are you looking for increased effectiveness and goal attainment in your role or personal life? Do you need consistent support and encouragement in implementing change? At CMI we believe that coaching can have a powerful and transformational impact on people’s lives, making coaching a valuable resource for those serving cross-culturally in faith-based service. If you are ready to invest time and energy in real change, CMI will match you with a professionally trained, experienced life/leadership coach who shares your faith and values; and understands the unique challenges of working cross culturally. Your coach will walk alongside you providing perspective, support and encouragement as you identify your change goals and then form and walk out a plan to attain them.

Affordable & Accessible

CMI is committed to providing high quality coaching that is affordable and accessible for those serving in faith-based service, any where in the world. To make it accessible coaching typically takes place using Skype technology, and to make it affordable each coach has agreed to offer their services well below normal rates. So, whether you are on the field, preparing to go, in your first two years back home, or a national leader serving your own people, you can build a bridge to your future through coaching!

Which Coaching Package is Right for You?

Explore our current coaching package options for those in cross-cultural, faith-based service and those who support them.

CustomTransitionsLife Purpose & CallingSupport RaisingSupervision
No matter what your goal, whether personal, family or work related, CMI can provide you with a professionally trained, cross culturally experienced, faith based coach to walk alongside you. For a full description and pricing download the “Custom Coaching” Brochure
Transitions can be one of the most significant shaping times in cross cultural worker’s lives. Whether you are heading into a sabbatical, furlough, or role/location change, coaching can help you get optimal learning and growth during your transition. For a full description and pricing download the “Transitions Coaching” Brochure
Life Purpose: Lack of clarity about call, mission, and values can lead to stress, frustration and attrition. Let coaching help you clarify your best fit role and bring new focus and purpose to your work and personal life. For a full description and pricing download the “Life Purpose & Calling Coaching” Brochure
If you’ve lost support while on the field, or need to find funding for new projects or roles, a support raising coach will walk beside you providing support, encouragement and focus as you take necessary steps to new finances. For a full description and pricing download the “Support Raising Coaching” Brochure
If you have recently been trained as a coach, or you’ve been using your coaching skills for a while but want to keep growing, CMI provides qualified, experienced Coaching Supervision. For a full description and pricing download the “Supervision Coaching” Brochure
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FOCOS - Foundational Coaching Skills

Skill Level Outcome: Foundational

Brief Overview:

FOCOS provides high-quality and affordable coach training to help supervisors, team leaders, ministry directors, and others to implement effective use of coaching skills in their ministry and work roles. The 12 month online and on-site curriculum offers…

  • Opportunity to experience coaching for your own life and work
  • Immersion in a five day, hands-on, highly interactive on-site workshop introducing coaching and coaching skills
  • Teleclasses that build competencies as you begin to use coaching skills with others
  • Mentor Coaching that helps you troubleshoot and grow your skills

“I entered the FOCUS training a bit skeptical, to be honest. I left a believer in the tremendous effectiveness of the coaching relationship. I find that through the coaching relationship I can do almost anything God lays on my heart! I have had such a positive experience that I am now working with our Leadership Development and Human Resource staff to bring some coach training to our local organization of 120 national staff.” – FOCOS Europe 2015 Graduate


FOCOS CPT 2017 – Colorado, USA  – Program Description (pdf(docx)
The Foundational Coaching Skills training offered in Colorado, USA is a special version of FOCOS that includes the CPT – Coaching with Personality Type, and is conducted together with the current year LLCT and MCT certification track’s workshop trainings: Module 1 – FCS, and Module 2 – CPT. As such it covers 8 days. It is recommended for those who are considering more advanced training or certification, but who are unable to make such a commitment at this time. When completed, it opens the door to more advanced, professional-level training modules and certification tracks with CMI. Download and review the Program Description for more details.

– On-site Workshop:  Sept 20 – 27, 2018 in Colorado Springs, Colorado  USA

– Coaching Client Agreement (pdf) (docx)
– Reflections for Goal-setting Coaching Exercise (pdf) (docx)
– CMI Wheel of Life Satisfaction (pdf) (docx).

Online Application – Deadline: July 21, 2017


FOCOS Asia 2018 – Chiang Mai, Thailand – Program Description (pdf) (docx)

– On-site Workshop:  February 12-16, 2018 in Chiang Mai, Thailand

– Coaching Client Agreement (pdf) (docx)
– Reflections for Goal-setting Coaching Exercise (pdf) (docx)
– CMI Wheel of Life Satisfaction (pdf) (docx)
Other Resources you will receive: Coaching Questions, by Tony Stoltzfus. This helpful book is a necessary resource,  packed with practical insights and tools — you will receive this book during the workshop in Thailand. The cost for this book is included in your workshop fees.

Online Application


FOCOS ESPAÑA 2018 – Málaga, España  Descripción del Curso en Español (pdf) (docx)

– Entrenamiento presencial:  11 al 17 de Febrero de 2018, Malaga, España

– Acuerdo de Coaching (pdf) (docx)
– CMI Preguntas de Reflección (pdf) (docx)
– CMI Rueda de la Vida (pdf) (docx)
Otros recursos que recibirán: Preguntas de Coaching, por Tony Stoltzfus. Este libro es lleno de ideas y herramientas prácticas – usted recibirá este libro durante el entrenamiento en Malaga. El libro está incluido en el costo del curso.
Debes pedir una copia del libro Coaching en Liderazgo, por Tony Stoltzfus o la versión en Kindle disponible en o de Patti Clewett. Lo que explica por qué es el coaching y pondrá las bases para este proceso de formación.

Online Application

CPT - Coaching Personality Types

Next CPT hosted by CRU – Coaching Personality Types Workshop: November 19-21, Budapest, Hungary
Skill Level OutcomeAdvanced
Brief Overview:

While we all know that people are different, as coaches we must understand these differences well enough to recognize them easily and adapt to them in the coaching relationship. Without this kind of integrated instinctual understanding, we will miss the signs and symptoms of temperament issues and fail to assist our clients in understanding others and themselves!

Developing an integrated understanding of personality differences takes time, effort, and most of all, practice. You cannot learn this material by reading it – you must see it in action and apply it!    

The Coaching Personality Types workshop is designed to first immerse you in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality paradigm through exercises, role plays, and games; while focusing on utilizing this paradigm in the coaching relationship. Demonstrations, practice sessions, debriefing, discussion on how personality impacts the coaching funnel, how to coach conflict with the MBTI, how dreaming and envisioning are impacted by MBTI preferences, and more are explored during the second day of training.

Information for Participants:

  • In order to participate in this workshop, you MUST have received basic training in coaching with at least 30 coach specific training hours.
  • Participants must purchase Type Talk by Kroeger and Thuesen and read chapters 1-5 BEFORE the workshop (available on Amazon in Kindle format).
  • Participants will receive information one month before the workshop on how to take the MBTI assessment online.
  • Participants will be required to complete 2 Type Validation sessions and accompanying reports after the workshop and attend one follow-up teleclass
  • Attendance of the entire workshop is required

tina-stoltzfus-horstLead trainer for this workshop is Tina Stoltzfus Horst,
MS, Master Coach and Trainer and Founder of CMI.


Program Description


LLCT - Life & Leadership Coach Training

Skill Level Outcome: Advanced

Brief Overview:

This 12-month training is designed to prepare you to impact individuals and leaders with high quality life and leadership coaching skills – in ministry and the marketplace. The training consists of the first 3 modules of the MCT program, creating a culturally enriched learning environment. Past trainees have applied these skills to their existing roles in ministry and business, in both formal leadership coaching and informal life on life relationships.

  • Module 1 – Foundational Coaching Skills: Core Competencies
  • Module 2 – Coaching with Personality Types
  • Module 3 – Coaching with Life Purpose: Essential Equipment for Coaching Life & Leadership Issues

Includes: 126+ Training Hours :: 50+ Hands-on Coaching Hours :: 6 Personal Coaching Sessions :: 3 Mentor Coach 1on1’s :: 2 Mentor Observation with Feedback Sessions :: Peer Support :: …and more

Next Life & Leadership Coach Training (LLCT): July 2017 – June 2018.

Program Description (pdf)

Online Application

Pay indicated Fee immediately after submitting Application Form*

Enter Full Name

* If you prefer to pay by check via postal mail, contact:

For more information contact

Feedback from LLCT Graduates

“Coaching has expanded the way I’m able to connect and help others develop and thrive. Over the past 6 months several of those I’ve coached have decided to make changes in their vocation to better align with their design and calling…with a much greater understanding of themselves and confidence in moving forward.”
– Jonathan King, LLCT 2014

“I now use coaching in my non-profit role with the National Student Leadership; in mentoring young women; as a business; and, in con-
versations every day. It’s become a valuable tool for going deeper with people and even my relationship with the Lord. It’s a great way to empower and encourage others.”
– Shellie Helminiak, LLCT 2014

MCT - Global Coach Training

Skill Level Outcome: Professional

Brief Overview:

This 24-month training is an interactive, hands-on learning process designed to prepare you to engage frontline workers and leaders with professional-quality, culturally intelligent, life and leadership coaching skills wherever they live and work in the world.

  • Module 1 – Foundational Coaching Skills: Core Competencies
  • Module 2 – Coaching with Personality Types How to Coach with Personality Types
  • Module 3 – Coaching with Life Purpose: Essential Equipment for Life & Leadership Issues
  • Module 4 – Coaching with Cultural Intelligence: Challenges, Concepts & Tools for Cross-cultural Coaching
  • Module 5 – Supervised Coaching and Frontline Coaching Issues

Includes: 174+ Training Hours :: 200+ Hands-on Coaching Hours :: 6 Personal Coaching Sessions :: 8 Mentor Coach 1on1’s :: 5 Mentor Observation with Feedback Sessions :: Peer Support :: …and more

Next MCT Global Coach Training: July 2017 – June 2019.

Program Description

Online Application

Pay indicated Fee immediately after submitting Application Form*

Enter Full Name

* If you prefer to pay by check via postal mail, contact:

For more information contact

Feedback from MCT Graduates:

“Coaching has impacted every area of my life – my personal life, my marriage, my family, my friendships, my work and ministry – everything. I communicate differently, I relate differently, I think differently, and I minister differently. Coaching has helped me be a better husband, father, friend, and leader.”
– Jon Taylor, Lead Pastor, USA, Missions Advocate, MCT Graduate

“The last 5 years since starting MCT have been some of the most productive that I have had in 40 years of ministry. My coaching has not just affected change in hundreds of people, but it has changed me. My relationship with the Lord is deeper as I depend on Him to be the true change agent in the coaching relationships, and it has been amazing to get to know and walk alongside some of the most amazing people.”
– Shellie J., Assoc. Director of Member Care, UWM, MCT Graduate

CTC - Coach Trainer Course

Skill Level Outcome: Professional

Brief Overview:

The CMI Coach Trainer Course prepares you to provide effective, interactive coach training using CMI’s 4-D Experiential Learning approach. You’ll receive the tools, practice and feedback to build your competence and increase your confidence as a coach trainer. Whether you use training outlines developed by others, or develop your own, you will have what you need to create and facilitate coach training effectively, including…

  • Establish an interactive learning environment based on proven adult learning principles
  • Create and present effective coach training classes
  • Develop targeted coaching demonstration skills
  • Facilitate insightful debriefing sessions
  • Give growth focused feedback that’s timely and specific
  • Lead an inspiring training workshop

Includes: CMI Master Coach Trainers :: 3 Days of interactive, practice-oriented Onsite Workshop Training :: Focused Specific Feedback and Tips :: 2 Teleclasses :: CMI Coach Trainer Course Workbook developed in collaboration with Tony Stoltzfus

Pre-requisites: (1) For a CMI MCT or LLCT Trainee or Graduate – Must have completed training through Module 3, a minimum of 100 logged coaching hours, plus recommendation of Coach Trainer; or (2) For a CMI FOCOS Graduate – Must have completed full 12-month FOCOS Training, a minimum of 100 logged hours of coaching, plus recommendation of FOCOS Lead Trainer; or, (3) For a Non-CMI Coach – Must have 72 hours of formal coach training, 200 logged hours of coaching, and 2 References.
Next Location & Dates:
Colorado Springs, CO USA – 14 – 16 September 2017

Learn More:

Download Program Description, Fee & Registration Instructions

Download Coach Trainer Workbook – Sample Preview

Complete Application – Online FormEarly Bird Discount Deadline: 31 May 2017 (or until a maximum of 12 trainees, whichever comes first)

Pay Fees (Download Program Description for Fee information, including Early Payment and Mission worker discounts) 

For more information contact:

adamf-100“Not only is training others to coach becoming a large part of my annual coaching activity, but there has been more than 100% return on my financial investment in less than 16 months – and I’d say the return in terms of the quality of coaching and training I now offer is even higher.”

– Adam Fleming, CTC Trainee, Author – “The Art of Motivational Listening”

CEU - Continuing Education for Coaches

Skill Level Outcome: Advanced

Brief Overview:

We deeply believe that ongoing training and development are an essential part of being effective coaches. As part of our commitment to excellence in coaching, we offer a number of opportunities for coaches to engage in ongoing professional development. All CEU Electives are provided in Teleclass Format by masterful trainers drawing on proven methods and first-hand experience. Each class is recorded and archived in the CMI Coaches Resource Center (CRC), which is available to all CMI Consultant Coaches and MCT-level Trainees. Following are examples of just a few CEU Electives currently in the CRC.

  • Coaching Stress & Burnout | Presenter: Tina S Horst, Master Coach & Trainer
  • Coaching the Calling Journey | Presenter: Tony Stoltzfus, Author, Master Coach & Trainer
  • Coaching Conflict | Presenter: Paul Hillhouse, MCT Director, CMI Master Coach & Trainer
  • Coaching Sabbaticals | Presenter: Dr. Steven Hoke, CRM
  • Coaching Self-Leadership | Presenter: Wolfgang Jani, Swiss Coach Federation
  • Transformational Coaching | Presenter: Tony Stoltzfus, Author, Master Coach & Trainer

View a List of Upcoming CEU’s