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Is the Coaching done in person?
No, Coaching is done over the telephone or via Skype
Who needs to know I am receiving coaching?
While the content you talk about in your coaching session is confidential, it is important to let others in your life know that you are receiving coaching. Coaching is a change process and will impact those around you. We highly recommend that you let your leader or supervisor, your team members, and your spouse know that you are receiving coaching.
What if I do not hear from my coach after I email them to set up the first session?
If you do not hear from your coach within 5 days, please check to make sure you have the correct email address and try again. Our experience is that sometimes emails do not arrive or that communication problems happen. Please be persistent in trying to connect with your coach. If you have not heard from your coach after 2-3 attempts, please contact CMI and we will make sure the connection happens.
What if my coach and I cannot make our schedules work or find mutually agreed on times to meet?
If you and your coach cannot come up with a time for a first session, try a brief 15 minute chat on Skype to see if something can be worked out. If you find, after repeated attempts that your schedule and your coach’s just don’t work, please let us know and we will assign you to a different coach. We want you to be able to complete your coaching sessions!
Who does the talking in the sessions?
Coaching is about your change goals and your coach will let you lead! Your job is to identify what you want to work on, what your options are and which action steps you will choose; your coach’s job is to ask great questions and facilitate the conversation. Your coach will not tell you what to do and will rarely if ever share any advice or solutions with you. If you find that not much progress is happening in your coaching, take initiative to go deeper with your coach. And let your coach know that you want more change and growth!
What if I don’t make progress on my action steps between coaching sessions?
Often if you do not get your action steps done, there will not be much to talk about in your coaching session. It is your coach’s option to cancel the session if he/she finds that your action steps are not done. If you have a particularly difficult or busy period and find you cannot complete your action steps, you may contact your coach to postpone the session; or you can ask your coach to help you work on how to find time to work on your goals and action steps.
What if I don’t know what I want to talk about?
Your coach is trained to ask great questions and help you focus in on what is most important for you to talk about or process. If you are not sure, ask your coach to help.
What if I want to change my goal?
Sometimes working on one goal brings to light something important that needs to be worked on first. At other times, it’s helpful to think of “series goals”. Occasionally, due to a change in life circumstances or role, immediate changes to your goals and action plans must be made. At other times, it’s helpful to finish one goal before starting another. Talk it over with your coach; and remember, your discernment about your own life is the most important thing. You are in charge of your coaching!
What if I want to take a break from coaching?
Breaks can be necessary! Sometimes due to travel, busy schedules or unexpected life circumstances, leaders need to take a break. Talk to your coach about what will work for you.
Can I choose to have more sessions once I’ve completed my package?
You will be able to contract for as many sessions as you need and want. When you are close to completing the sessions you contracted for originally, let your coach know that you want to continue and for how long.
What if I want to try a different coaching package on a new topic?
Once you’ve completed your first goal/package, you may want to move onto another topic or goal with another coach or with your present coach. Let us know what will meet your needs!
What if I want to try a different coach?
Sometimes change is refreshing! If you have completed your coaching package and want to try a different coach, simply let your coach know that you are finishing your coaching with them. If you want to tell your coach that you’d like to try another coach, that’s great! Our coaches are okay with that! However, if you do not want to tell them, simply finish your current coaching package and then contact CMI for a new coach assignment. We do not recommend changing coaches before a package is complete unless there are scheduling or personality conflict issues that cannot be worked out with your current coach.
What if I am not satisfied with my coaching?
Coaching is based on authentic relationship! If you are not satisfied with your coaching, tell your coach what you want. You can do this any time, but a great time to give your coach feedback and ask for more of something or less of something is during a debriefing time at the end of the session or at the evaluation halfway through your coaching package.
Can I request a male or female coach?
Definitely! When you fill out the application, you’ll be asked if you want a male or female coach, or if it does not matter to you.
Can I request a specific coach?
Yes! Some of those new to CMI have been referred by a coach they already know; or perhaps you have heard of one of our coaches and would like to work with a specific coach. When you fill out your application, you may request a specific coach. Coaches are not always available, but we will do all we can to match you with the coach you request.
CMI Coaching Code of Ethics

All CMI Coaches and Coaches-in Training are required to sign a Code of Ethics. You may download a copy here: CMI Coaching Code of Ethics

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