Coaching is a client-driven partnership that empowers people to achieve more growth and change than they would have on their own. Instead of giving advice, a coach applies a set of relational influence skills to draw solutions out of the coachee themselves and their own values and experience. This client and context-oriented approach makes coaching a great cross-cultural tool.

Our trainings use an experiential learning process to develop foundational and advanced coaching competencies. They are designed for those interested in professional level coaching, as well as lay leaders looking to incorporate the coaching model into their work and relationships.

Professional Coach Training Programs:

MCT - Global Coach Training

Designed for those interested in a professional level program designed to train and equip coaches who will effectively serve frontline workers and leaders – especially those working cross-culturally. The training process consists of 5 modules conducted over a 24-month period. The first 12 months are built around three training modules developed by Tony Stoltzfus, a founder and thought-leader in the Christian coaching movement in cooperation with CMI Master Trainers.  They cover Foundational Coaching Skills, Coaching with Personality Types, and  Coaching Life & Leadership issues from a Life Purpose perspective. The remaining 2 modules are designed by CMI Master Trainers and focus on learning to apply the core skills cross-culturally, all under the guidance of a Mentor Coach committed to helping you develop the 5C’s of an inter-culturally effective professional coach: Confidence; meta-Cognition; Core Competencies; Cultural Intelligence; Commitment to service and excellence.

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LLCT (Life & Leadership Coach Training)

This program is similiar to MCT, but doesn’t delve as deeply into cross-cultural training. Recommended for those who primarily want to use what they learn with non-mission clients, but want to get trained in a culturally enriched learning environment, this 10 month program is built around the first 3 training modules of the MCT program.

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CTC (Coach Trainer Course)

The Coach Trainer Course prepares you to provide effective, interactive coach training using CMI’s 4-D Learning Experience approach. You’ll receive the tools, practice and feedback to build your competence and increase your confidence as a coach trainer.

Whether you use training outlines developed by others, or develop your own, you will have what you need to create and facilitate coach training effectively!

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Coaching Skills Training:

FOCOS (Foundational Coaching Skills)

The Foundational Coaching Skills program offers highly practical training designed to equip you in the essential skills of coaching and includes adequate practice sessions to help you own and integrate those skills in your leadership and interpersonal communication. Designed to provide high-quality and affordable coach training to help supervisors, team leaders, ministry directors, and anyone who want make effective use of coaching skills and principles in their ministry and work roles.

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Upcoming Events

CTC 2018
Coach Trainer Course
Dolphin Bay, Thailand
Workshop: March 1-3, 2018
Application Deadline: January 15

FOCOS 2018
North America, Midwest
Workshop: August 20-24, 2018
Registration Deadline: March 5, 2018